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4 Ways to Embrace Channel-less Customer Experience

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In 2019, exceptional customer experience is fundamental to business success.

Whether email, social media, live chat, online or over the phone, customers want the same thing: your product or service. As a business, it’s your job to make the experience easy and uninterrupted. Achieve this, and (like Arnie) they’ll be back.

Because today, like never before, people expect the same experience across every interaction and every touchpoint. Customers don’t think in ‘channels’ they just see your business in a variety of different places.

What Does a Channel-less Customer Experience Look Like?

Channel-less is about creating a customer experience that is consistent whatever the medium. In real terms, it demands focusing on the experience you’re looking to provide, rather than the channel (or channels) in question.

Done right, the channel becomes an afterthought.

So, a customer may begin chatting to your AI bot, then switch to live chat, then give you a call. In a channel-less system the customer experience between each is seamless. What’s more, this system understands that even though the customer may be communicating through a variety of channels, it’s still the same customer engaging with the business. Smart, right?

How Can Your Business Embrace Channel-less Customer Experience?

  1. Get the right tech 

It sounds obvious, but when making an investment in tech, there is no room for error. The technology your business selects must work for your customers today, whilst being ready for your customers tomorrow. Like it or not, the future of customer experiences is multi-channel and multi-device, where unified commerce is the only commerce. The tech that can deliver this seamlessly for your business is worth every cent.

  1. Put customers first

Customers now anticipate deeply connected experiences, where your brand is consistent, no matter the channel or touchpoint. If your business focuses on the customer journey and designs an experience that moves effortlessly between channels, you will get the customer outcome you desire.

  1. Create moments of joy 

A channel-less approach gives you endless opportunities to create joy. Whichever touchpoint is right for the customer, you can fill it with a moment which connects and resonates in a meaningful way.

  1. Connection should be easy

All the customer wants is to engage with you. It’s not about the channel. Rather, it’s about making a connection.

Therefore, make it as simple as you can. Make it as seamless as you can. Make it as universal as you can and most importantly, make it as channel-less as you can.

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