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Bernie Kelly author

Bernie has worked extensively in supply chain and operational excellence for three decades. Leading end to end supply chain roles at a National and International business level through periods of major growth and performance improvement. In the last decade he focused on getting in beside leaders and their teams to significantly step change outcomes. Working with clients across multiple sectors and regions he has played a role in many major operational turnarounds and strategic phases of growth and innovation. Through strategy execution work, reflection, and global research Bernie has drilled deeply through the strategic themes of changing demographics, exponential technology, and economic drivers impacting our Business and Operating Models and identified recurring themes where leadership teams are either the greatest enabler or barrier to progress. We are in a period where the pace of change is now accepted as accelerating. This decade Bernie is on a quest to enable Leadership Teams to be Future-Ready. That is, to achieve traction in their current plans and to build capabilities that will see them adapt and thrive in the future. Bernie’s book TRACTION: how to build future-ready leadership teams is due for release early this year.