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Elizabeth Houghton author

Elizabeth is the People & Capability Business Partner at Dashing. She is a seasoned HR professional with a solid generalist background with broad industry experience. Dashing Group is a leader in the execution of retail campaigns offering design, technology and production services. They have 150+ staff based across four sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai. Dashing have a proven track record of delivering services to many of Australasia’s leading retailers and collaborate with their clients to design and deliver the ultimate retail experience for customers, specialising in multi-outlet retail. By influencing both the design together with the execution, they work alongside their clients to disrupt customer behaviours, drive sales and build brand advocacy. Personally, Elizabeth's greatest satisfaction comes from inspiring people to think differently and to capitalise on the evolving world of work. She loves working with people to uncover their passion helping them to achieve their professional goals, because when our work brings us satisfaction it impacts positively on all aspects of our lives, our self-confidence and our wellbeing.