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Lotty Roberts author

Based in Wellington, New Zealand Lotty is a forward thinker in the field of Change Management and Leadership, with nearly 20 years’ experience leading and coaching people through large scale change and transformation programmes. During her career Lotty has had lots of hands on experience getting into the nitty gritty of delivering change and building organisational change maturity, as well as setting up and leading many high performing teams. 7 years ago Lotty discovered Mindfulness to help her manage some ongoing chronic pain - it did indeed help her manage the pain but she found the benefits much further reaching than she had ever expected, including how she showed up as leader of both others and herself. Lotty saw an opportunity to integrate a mindful approach towards leadership and change, believing change done well is ‘Mindfulness in action’. Lotty has now founded her own business, ‘Mind U’, where she is devoted to helping companies and individuals build the capability and 'know how' to lead and navigate themselves through change so they reap the rewards with the least amount of discomfort. Focusing on the mindset for change Lotty uses a combination of her hands on experience as a change expert and leader, along with her knowledge of the mind, emotional literacy and her skills as a trained mindfulness coach. Outside of ‘Mind U’ Lotty is a mum of 3 young boys, which keeps her pretty busy, but when she’s not hanging with her family, she is moonlighting as a yoga teacher, hosting her podcast show called ’The Vulnerability Effect’ or hiking in the hills near her home. You can contact by emailing lotty@mindu.co.nz or to find out more go to www.mindu.co.nz