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Reem Borrows author

WHO IS DREEM? For over 20 years, Reem Borrows worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and in Senior Leadership Roles, leading and developing effective teams and individuals across the areas of Sales, Marketing and Training, before launching her own business with dreem Consulting. Reem’s authenticity as a leader, her business acumen, mindset development strategies, and her dedication to achieving results set the foundation of her work with individuals and teams, as well as both small and large corporations in helping them to realise their full potential and achieve greater success. Reem wholeheartedly believes that, regardless of your past or present circumstances, each one of us has an unlimited potential with the opportunity to elevate the quality of our life and achieve all that we desire. As a highly sought after coach, Reem cultivates the principles, strategies and fundamentals of a winning mindset within her mentorship of individuals, teams and businesses, and specifically in educating people on how to find their true calling and unleash their complete potential. Reem fervently believes that “beautiful things happen, and amazing results unfold, when you bring a group of people together and work with them to become the best at what they do”.