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Join Us in the Biggest Retail Event of 2019

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If you are in the retail industry and been wanting to visit Melbourne, then it’s time to schedule a flight today. Why? Besides the fact that Melbourne is the retail capital of Australia, New Retail ’19 is also happening there. Imagine having an immersive experience that will give you a full packaged deal in retail. The event is a comprehensive program that covers all bases about the retail industry. You’ll learn how to amplify your fulfilment strategy, integrate tech innovations that would revolutionise your business, and put your CX game to the next level. You’ll also meet industry leaders and the who’s who in retail. What’s more, you’ll get insider secrets about the Asian marketplace and how to build better partnerships.

It’s a great learning and networking experience that will open doors for you to more shoot-for-the-stars opportunities.


What’s It All About

New Retail ’19 is a three-day learning event for the retail industry – exploring best practices for digital retail experiences and customer-centric fulfilment. It creates a vision for the future of retail – where there’s a perfect marriage of online and offline retail. Anyone and everyone in retail will get what they need to catapult their businesses to success amidst the changing industry landscape.


What You’ll Learn in New Retail 19

All you need in business for 2019 and beyond in one comprehensive program of:

Digitisation In-Store and Online

       + Learn how to build an innovative operating model to develop the digital experience of your customer’s shopping process.

       + Know how you can incorporate e-commerce innovations to evolve with market trends.

Fulfilment Summit

       + Know more about how you can execute a smart fulfilment strategy to take advantage of the changing retail landscape.

       + Learn how to implement efficient and cost-effective operations and boost CX.

Leaders: Fulfilment

       + Be equipped as you execute a roadmap to gain a competitive edge.

       + We show you how to get the staff on board in driving excellence and growth.

       + Be enlightened on how to prioritise initiatives to understand what your customer really wants thus delivering the most ROI

Leaders: China and Beyond

       + Get insights into how you will export and partner with the right people in the Asian marketplace.

       + Understand how to seamlessly integrate online and offline shopping, while getting insider information on the revolution happening right now.


What You’ll Get

We want to make sure that it’s going to be a complete and excellent experience for each attendee. Here are the event perks you’ll get:

       + Complimentary lunch, morning and afternoon tea to facilitate networking and exhibitor-delegate interaction

       + Charging tables and extra tables to get work done on-site

       + Session times altered to increase networking and dwell opportunities

       + A tight-knit experience with thought leaders and innovators in the industry

       + An exploration of brands and companies participating in the expo.

       + The opportunity to donate $1 of your registration to a charity that RLC partners with.


Where It’s All Happening

New Retail ’19 is happening this coming February 25 – 27, 2019 at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. For those who are not based in Melbourne, this event is a good reason to visit this vibrant city. Melbourne is the retail capital as major industry players are based here, so it’s easier to connect with the top players in the field. For more information on how to get there, check out our Travel to MCEC page.


How To Register

We have discounts and other perks if you register early. Book your seats now through this link. For event partnership opportunities, check out our Partnerships page for more info.

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