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Making your business live up to noble consumerism – Interview with Laura Doonin of Moustache Republic

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We gained beautiful insights in our interview with Laura Doonin, Partner and Director of Moustache Republic, who was also recognised for her achievements at the Top 50 Retailer Awards 2019. Besides all her activities and impact in the retail sphere, she is also a yoga and fitness coach – making her life, passion and work come full circle.

You’ll get loads of inspiration from Laura as she talks about making the retail experience seamless, while extending that concept to other areas in life.

RLC: We are really inspired with what you wrote on LinkedIn on “I now live and work by the philosophy that there is no dichotomy between online and offline. It’s all just life.” It’s really mind opening to think of it that way. How do you see the online and offline aspects of retail as one? What makes for a truly seamless omnichannel experience?

Laura: Sometimes we attached these buzzwords or phrases such as “omni-channel, single view of customer, unified commerce” but all it really means is – are you giving your customers what they want? Are you making their engagement with your business or brand seamless? Are you enabling modern retail practices and not fighting back with tactics that are misleading? In this social media world there is no hiding. Retailers have got to live and die by their values, products, collaboration, and transparency.

RLC: What can you advise retailers in terms of eCommerce strategies and sustaining a business for the long haul in the online retail space? 

Laura: Collaboration. Look at what other markets you can enter (and I don’t mean China. I mean US, UK, Europe, Singapore, and Japan). Know your why, look at ways to give back, and have ethical business practices integrated. Don’t worry about getting it right. Starting with the right intention is the most important aspect to change. Build an authentic conversation with your customer and the employees you want to attract. I think INTENTION is the key not the result.

RLC: In terms of retail leadership, what are your thoughts in making a winning team and leading a successful business?

Laura: The rise in noble consumerism isn’t just in the retail space. It’s impacting many of the decisions we make. This includes the businesses we commit to work with. Individuals are looking for companies that have a purpose. The purpose could be to disrupt, to cut plastics out of the supply chain, to help save the dolphins, or it could be as simple as making everyone feel valued and integral. The 6 core human needs are certainty, variety, significance, love, connection and growth. Employers need to look at these from a human level then the ROI will follow.

RLC: We also greatly admire how you infuse passion within your work and business. How do you see your business as an extension of yourself (your life principles, spirituality and mindfulness)?

Laura: Fitness and mindfulness have been a big part of my life for a long time and I still teach around 5 classes every week. It has been my way to connect, to share, and to give back. It has ultimately enabled me to grow both personally and professionally.

In this fast paced, social media saturated world it is so important we can take time out and get still. I don’t meditate because I have a great and perfect life. I meditate because I recognise the benefits. So many studies now state that meditation or exercise is more effective than anti-depressants.

From a business perspective, I believe in building long-lasting relationships and that begins with trust. I believe that by caring deeply about the success of the people around you and act with the right intentions and integrity, the right results will follow.


About Laura Doonin

laura doonin

Laura is the Partner and Director of Moustache Republic, which delivers creative digital commerce solutions for consumer brands. She is also an Advisory Board Member to Retail Global Events and RainCheckIt. Her passion also lies in being a Yoga and Fitness Coach for Fitness First Australia.


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