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eCommerce strategies and the power of brand management: An interview with Travis Wright

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ecommerce strategies

From building your brand to the top eCommerce strategies. Hear from Travis Wright as she continues to conquer the retail world… 

Esther & Co features a wide variety of amazing products geared towards women, and a lot of people have come to love that. What is your best advice to retailers in terms of making a winning brand? 

I would say you need to know not only your audience but who you are as a brand. Your audience needs to perceive a clear image of who you are at first glance. Ensure you are stocking products most of your customers love. It’s great to have variety to a degree but you need to hone in on why & what your customers are coming to your store for. And finally, don’t over complicate things for your customers, add value to their life – this includes making their experience with your brand easy

We greatly admire you as one of the empowering women leaders in the retail space. What can you advise women in terms of leading a business and driving it towards success?

Aw! That’s so lovely!  

Something I consistently strive for is having a staff first mentality. This means that the staff come first whether it’s with support personally or with their work load. Even when my to do list seems to be a mile long, if they need me to get their task accomplished, I stop what I’m doing to assist.  As a leader you have the power to create an environment that flourishes around you or the ability to bottle neck the business. If you don’t give your staff enough trust or support them when they genuinely need it, you won’t lead your team to success – you’ll instead find yourself trying to drive a car that is nothing more than a metal box. 

Additionally, embrace change. Even if it means your idea a few months (or even days) ago has to be tossed out the window. The definition of success for your brand as well as the way to success is constantly evolving. Sometimes what you thought was the perfect way to move the business forward once upon a time becomes outdated. Knowing when to pivot is crucial, it doesn’t mean your initial idea was bad – it just means it’s not the right idea anymore. And hey, that’s okay!

What can you advise retailers in terms of eCommerce strategies and sustaining a business for the long haul? 

  1. Create a community that your customers AND your staff want to be part of.  
  2. Make sure you have the basics down then move on to the delight phase of E-commerce – ie more personalised touches for consumers. 
  3. Don’t over extend with new platforms or software, take it one new app or project at a time and make sure you’re getting the full potential from it before moving on to your “next big win”

We also found that you have a wealth of experience in the digital marketing aspect of businesses. What key tips or  eCommerce strategies can you share with online and physical store retailers when it comes to taking their digital marketing to the next level? 

At the moment Esther is working really hard to have a large part of our marketing suite connected and interacting with each other. For example – our loyalty program syncs with our social re-marketing, esp Facebook messenger adverts and more. Additionally, our esp works in conjunction with our Facebook Messenger advertisements. Having tools in your marketing suite which integrate ultimately will lead to a better & more personalised customer experience. 

I’d also give the advice that if you’ve found something that works really well – that’s awesome, replicate it! Just remember that what “works well” today, won’t work well forever. You need to constantly come up with fresh ideas and new campaigns to keep the attention of the consumer. 

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Prior to Esther & Co. She worked in Marketing at a cloud services company (Vology) in Tampa Bay, Florida. In 2014, she made the move to Sydney, Australia where she began building out Esther’s marketing program inclusive of leading the rebrand (previously Esther Boutique), launching their VIP Rewards program and Data Collection Initiatives (One of which was nominated for “Best Bootstrapped Growth Initiative” in the 2018 ORIAS). Most recently she’s been working on Esther & Co.’s new App in addition to our website redesign. In February of this year I was honoured to be named #33 in Internet Retailing’s Top 50 in Ecommerce 2019 report.

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