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Breakfast with Paul: What are the behaviours that shift the dial? (ADEL)

Breakfast with Paul: What are the behaviours that shift the dial? (ADEL)

29 July - 29 July

What is the common denominator of the best?

This is the question that started my journey of delving into high performance. It turns out that there are a set of behaviours that the best all use. My work has recently focused on narrowing down these behaviours for professionals, teams, and entire organisations.

I have found that leaders and account managers can both access these behaviours to influence their teams, peers, and clients. Do you know what they are?

Come to breakfast with me to unpack this and discuss how to learn more.

This is for…

  • Professionals that want to be more effective in their work and accelerate projects forward (hit deadlines regularly without punching more hours)
  • Managers and Business Owners looking to increase their team’s autonomy and capability (less rework, less absenteeism, less reliance on you)
  • Learning and Developmet Professionals to understand how they can recruit future leaders and develop their people (know the critical traits to look for in hiring, understand what PD your team needs to push forward)

Why this is important?

Because we all have 100’s of opportunities every week to move the dial, but most are missed. They are missed because we are focusing on the behaviours that don’t matter. The ones that don’t make a difference.

Please join the group for an insightful and practical discussion full of tools you will be able to use from this day forward.

We’ll have brekkie and barista coffee ready for you too!

Event Location

Evolve East End 19 Vardon Avenue Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia