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Find local businesses still operating during coronavirus outbreak

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COVID-19 affected bus

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inesses big time, but the good news is consumers who were forced to stay at home have their daily needs. As we pivot to the new normal, the best thing we can do for our business is to have a visibility online. You will see Dine-in restaurants are delivering, fitness clubs and gyms are live-streaming classes and beauty salons are offering ‘at home’ packages.

Introducing a new website STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS has launched. They are allowing Australian’s to search a database of local businesses across the country who are still in operation during the COVID-19 crisis.

As lockdown restrictions have tightened over the past few weeks, small businesses across the country have made extraordinary moves to reinvent or pivot their services.

But as thousands of Australian small businesses continue to adapt during these difficult times, they need support.

With over 400 businesses already listed, STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS is the first website launched to act as a national up-to-date directory for Australian’s to find local businesses that are still in operation. The service is free and allows users to search via suburb or product type.

The online platform was conceived and launched by creative advertising agency MMR.

Managing Director Rob Kennedy says, “The idea was initiated when we started trying to find local businesses that were still open during the COVID crisis. Like many others, work has slowed for us during the lockdown and we thought ‘why not utilise our extra time to do some good?’”

“We began researching and adding businesses, and within a few days, we had onboarded over 400 companies. Through this process, we’ve learned that there are so many local businesses doing incredible things to transform their services during this time, but unfortunately, it can be difficult for a small business to make people aware of their offering.”

Rob says, “We hope to provide a channel that Australian’s can use for all of their needs during this time. And ultimately, we hope to provide a platform that is not only useful to Australian’s but one that inspires them to continue supporting local businesses, which is so important for the economy once we come out the other side.”

Businesses can upload their own details to create a listing themselves or opt to use a contact form on the website and the MMR team will upload their details free of charge. All business types can be included.

Are you still open for business? You should.


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Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash