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How To Harness The Amazing Power Of Gratitude To Transform Your Life

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I wanted to share some thoughts with you that I have surrounding the amazing power of gratitude and its incredible effect to completely transform your life. According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy, so does this universal law work with any type of energy? The law applies to auspicious energy and negative energy equally, therefore, it is paramount that we only focus our energy on the things we wish to attract into our lives.

I was always intrigued by people who seemed to be happy all the time, had success and opportunity seemingly fall into their lap, and could easily embrace change within their lives. I wanted to know if they had a “secret” that I did not know. I would interact with these individuals whenever I could because I thoroughly enjoyed being around their ENERGY. They exhibited quiet confidence and displayed a pleasant demeanor that made you want to be around them. In speaking with these individuals, they shared with me their penchant for expressing gratitude in every area of their lives.

The power of gratitude can completely transform your life by focusing your energy on being grateful for the existing things THAT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE in your life e.g., your health, family, career, friends, and income. Gratitude magnifies and improves your existing situation exponentially by the power of the energy you feel when you think about or are expressing gratitude for your current situation instead of feeling trepidation about the future or being angry about what you don’t have. Feeling grateful for your existing income will energetically attract more opportunities to increase your income. Remember, if like attracts like, then all you must do is be grateful for what you want to increase in your life.

I am going to share with you one of my favorite daily rituals that guarantee that you will start your day off with an attitude of gratitude. Upon awakening, I recite out loud or silently the words THANK YOU 100x in succession. This determined and conscious focus of my energy on these two little words immerses me in a feeling of gratitude for life, being alive, and creates excitement about what the day beholds. This seemingly innocuous commitment to saying thank you 100x has the power to infuse your day with positive energy that turns you into a magnet for success and happiness.

You cannot experience two contradicting emotions at the same time. You cannot feel fear and happiness simultaneously. You cannot feel wealth and poverty at the same time. Henceforth, whatever we think about and feel (focus our energy upon), we magnetically attract into our lives. I have also implemented writing in a gratitude journal daily to continue my focus on what I am grateful for in my life.

Words have immense power and can shape our lives for the better or worse. I used to catch myself saying sarcastic comments or speaking cynically about a situation that I wanted to improve. I would often wonder why my situation was not improving. I am now very careful with the words I choose to speak about because I understand the ramifications they can have. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you did, I would kindly ask that you share it with your network. Thank you in advance.

What are your thoughts and experiences with the emotion of gratitude?

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