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This is Your Platform: Retail Learning Channel

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It has been a long time coming, but we have finally launched the first knowledge sharing platform of all things retail in Australia – the Retail Learning Channel.

The Vision

This channel was born out of the vision to empower the retail community through knowledge sharing and partnerships. We want to enable individuals and companies to thrive and succeed in the industry through the opportunities brought about by this platform.

We want to transcend sector boundaries to deliver ground-breaking disruption. We aim to catalyse innovation in the field by providing a space where everyone in retail can learn, grow, innovate, and be empowered.

This channel is designed by Akolade in response to a growing desire for engaging, inspiring and fresh education, allowing retailers to explore the changing retail landscape and create strategies to thrive amidst growing disruption.

Our goals are simple: to provide inspiration, encourage collaboration, and to be the voice of the retail industry.

Why We Are Doing This

Retail is not just a segment in our economy. We believe that everyone is contributing and also affected by whatever movement there is in the industry. From choosing which products to buy to innovators changing the game of the industry – retail is there at the centre of it all which plays a significant part in the expansion of our collective human potential.

We see the people behind the scenes in retail. We know how they work hard to improve people’s lives, and also create sustainability for themselves and their families. This give and take fuels the world and keeps it moving. We want to empower each one involved in the retail sector to bring forth greater opportunities that we never thought possible before.

Opening the Future for Success

We welcome everyone to join us here in RLC. Soon, we will be providing more content to cater to the information needs of retailers and professionals. There will be courses, webinars, podcasts, and other publications that will be offered to keep the knowledge sharing pumping.

For that, we welcome any thought leader, partner companies, or media partnership to share content with us for the retail community.

We wish everyone to keep on thriving and succeeding in whatever dream or endeavour  they pursue in the ever-changing retail landscape. From our hearts to yours, we open the doors for you to step right into the future of amazing possibilities. The future is indeed happening right now.


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