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Leaders Build People’s Lives

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leaders build lives

Being a Leader of Leaders is a massive privilege to directly impact and build the lives of many people.

This language is often used when thinking in Mission Statements in regard to our clients/ customers/ patients/ the community. However, I believe the greatest impact you will have is through the focus with those who directly work with you. Your direct Leadership Team.

Leaders who read widely will have read many times the global, national, sector levels of employee disengagement. Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged according to Gallup research. Most of us are working in Sectors where the majority of people are not deeply engaged. We also are aware of public trust in institutions and many professions are on the decline.

Let’s bring this into a more tangible frame. The group of people that report directly to you. We can picture their faces and know their names.

Are you a PARTNER in building a better life?

 “In well-led organizations people have happier marriages and get along better with their children.”

 – Simon Sinek

We make the time each year to develop work plans. We meet with these people to progress in work activities. We schedule a time to complete Annual Performance and Development Plans. We sit together many times a week.

Would they say you are a partner in building their better life?

Are the words of your Mission Statements, and your internal and external Communications brought to life when stakeholders meet people that work with you directly?

Are your direct Leadership Team all operating and living as the best version of themselves?

Do others in the organisation see your team as the role model for the way they want to work and live?

 “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.”

–       Theodore Roosevelt

Most leaders I know are aware there is a gap. 

If you see a gap following are a set of questions you can explore directly with your direct Leadership Team. 

  • What is your big dream?
  • What does that look like in the scheme of your wider life and work?
  • What are your imperatives this year? At home and at work?
  • How do you see the Business Plan directly relates the path to Big Dreams?
  • What are the transferable skills that you can build this year that will be highly valuable in your future?
  • What do you need to do to make this a great progress year?
  • What can I do to clear barriers or set up enablers for you?
  • What are the milestones that will tell us this year is working out well for you and the organisation Mission?

“We become leaders the day we decide to help people grow, not numbers”

–      Simon Sinek

Some reflections of people that have participated in this exercise:

“I feel clearer than I have in years”

“I was beginning to resent work and my workplace. I see a bigger picture and am excited about the year ahead”

“I have changed things at home and at work and feel more in control. I feel like I am growing again”

“I am going to make time to share this with my team”

Leaders build people and their lives, not just get the job done!

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