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Attending New Retail ‘20 will leave you feeling rejuvenated, passionate, strengthened and hungry for more. The Retail Learning Channel is happy to take full responsibility for any inspiration caused

Straight from horse's mouth...

Excellent presenters, subjects, focused exposure to market trends and opportunities.
Wesley Michael, BDM, Bank of Melbourne
New Retail has been a fusion of ideas, viewpoints and tried and true retail case studies. A wealth of knowledge on how to do better and be better in business in the transformative age we found ourselves today.
Lauren Munting, International Wholesale Manager, State of Escape
What a terrific event -well laid out, great venue, good location within the complex, spacious (not tripping over stands and people), good mix of content and excellent food (that always helps!).
Gerry Gerrard, Chief Executive Officer, Interflora Australia The Flower Experts
A great conference for both small and large business. Fantastic insights into Retail and its future.
Mark Campbell, Head Retail and Online Sales, Australian War Memorial

Need More Fuel?

All your solutions in one place

  • Looking to develop as a professional retail executive? We got you covered.
  • Seeking new employment opportunities or sourcing new talent? Also got you.
  • Wanting to expand your networks? Say no more.
  • Needing to meet potential suppliers and partners? Um, hello? In need of a little inspiration? Let us inspire you.
  • Curious about your future? Come and be curious with us.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We are proud to say that we create content in collaboration with the sharpest minds in the industry. Stay tuned on who we are working with on New Retail '20!

It is not about creating another conference, it is about bringing the retail community together.

For our 2020 return, we are here for you!

We’re going to create enough experiences and memories together to keep you
energised and inspired (at least until New Retail ‘21!).

You will have access to the people and knowledge today that will shape your
future tomorrow. Whether you’re the sales exec or the CEO, your potential to
grow is yours.

And we’re here to help you own it

The Stages

Customer experience in an omnichannel world

Following a sold-out stage at New Retail ’19, our omnichannel returns with a fresh name and fresh content. Harness the opportunity of the convergence of the worlds of retail and how to deliver on exceptional seamless customer experience across a multi-channel environment.

  • Maximise the in-store opportunity.
  • Blend your digital and physical presence.
  • Create a customer centric retail strategy.
  • Leverage your digital presence to create brand loyalty.
Delivering on customer expectation throughout
the supply chain

The biggest pain-point for retailers remains in the delivery and fulfilment. Customers are demanding efficient, accurate delivery. Fulfilment focuses on improving efficiency throughout the supply chain and delivering in the last mile to sustain and grow customers.

  • Create efficiency throughout the supply chain.
  • Manage the cycle of reverse logistics.
  • Utilise technology to improve last mile visibility.
  • The role of sustainable packaging in the SC.

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