Our Story

We’re the new face of retail. The Retail Learning Channel is creating a movement empowering the retail industry. In a new era of retail, it’s adapt or die 

Across two days and three stages, you’ll encounter the entire retail journey. As online and offline converge, we’ll take you through the value chain to revive your retail strategy and be a winner in the retail revolution. 

Featuring curated, focused content, innovative retail leaders and quality conversationsNew Retail is the first and only event you’ll need to attend this year to deliver above and beyond on customer experience in a New Retail world. 

Our Stages


Customer experience in an omnichannel world

Following a sold-out stage at New Retail ’19, our omnichannel returns with a fresh name and fresh content. Harness the opportunity of the convergence of the worlds of retail and how to deliver on exceptional seamless customer experience across a multi-channel environment.  


Delivering on customer expectation throughout the supply chain 

The biggest pain-point for retailers remains in the delivery and fulfilment. Customers are demanding efficient, accurate delivery. Fulfilment focuses on improving efficiency throughout the supply chain and delivering in the last mile to sustain and grow customers. 

Identity & Payments

Uncovering innovation in payment, identity and protection

Completing the retail value chain, we feature insightful content on the innovation taking place to ensure frictionless payment for your customers. Across two days, we’ll delve into advances with payment, fintech, authentication and access control to protect your platforms. 

After hours: Leading in China & Beyond 

The opportunity in the Chinese market is yet to be fully explored by Australian retailers. Some are leading the way, but many retailers are missing the mark with this rapidly growing economy. Our exclusive China & Beyond Leaders event will take place after the first day of New Retail to uncover the secrets of success in the Chinese market both in Asia and right here in Australia.