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Ollee: Australia’s first local and ethical B2B marketplace launches

2 min read

Australia’s first local and ethical B2B marketplace, Ollee, has officially launched and is set to change the way retailers and businesses source green products,  with the goal of connecting purpose-driven Australian brands with retailers and businesses nationwide.

Ollee is dedicated to helping buyers find natural, organic, ethical and eco-friendly products that a growing number of their customers are seeking today.

Over 110 brands have already signed up onto the Ollee Marketplace platform, which gives buyers access to over 2,000+ products from categories such as food and drinks, health and beauty, home and lifestyle, kids, pets, fashion and jewellery and more.

“We’ve seen the world shift in the past 12 months and so has the way buyers want to interact with suppliers and brands. Buyers are looking for streamlined systems to source new products and restock existing ones”, said Sandy Abram, Co-founder of Ollee.

“Buyers want more one-stop shops, more choice, control and convenience. A digital platform gives them the flexibility to place their orders with multiple suppliers when they want, how they want and with the speed and efficiency that helps them save time and money,” she revealed.

According to research by consulting firm McKinsey & Company, more than three quarters of buyers and sellers now prefer digital self-serve and remote human interaction over face-to-face interactions.

Digital platforms have made it easier for buyers to place orders, access information and access the products and services they need in a convenient way and at a speed that helps them stay ahead of the market. And similar to what we’ve experienced in the B2C environment, McKinsey’s recent survey shows that when making a purchase, buyers rate digital channels approximately twice as important now as they were a year ago.

“Many B2B buyers have told us they want to self-serve”, said Abram.

“They’re comfortable using digital platforms and technology in a sales and ordering capacity and prefer working with suppliers that provide a strong and professional digital experience over brands that don’t,” she said.

For brands, Ollee offers a vibrant new sales channel, provides brands with access to a greater volume of traffic, connects them to new customers and audiences in the world of B2B Marketplace ordering.

Furthermore, digital excellence has shown to build customer loyalty, with B2B buyers viewing strong digital capabilities just as important as a professional in-store salesperson.

The future is digital, green and eco-conscious. While the pandemic has disrupted sales, marketing, advertising and more and accelerated the shift to digital sales, these patterns are here to stay, grow and dominate, with buyers’ valuing speed, transparency, and expertise the most.