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Why You Need an Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Integrating Tech Into Your Store

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The retail landscape is continuously evolving. Retailers have to learn how to adapt, or risk losing their business in the market competition.

So how can retailers keep thriving in the market and succeed in business? It’s not just about developing great products and boosting marketing tactics. All efforts should be centered around the customer and their shopping experience. Providing valuable products and experiences for your customers will help you maximise ROI and increase brand loyalty.

For today’s customers, shopping is all about speed, convenience and flexibility. Consumers want to shop anywhere and at anytime. They expect a seamless experience whether they are shopping in-store or online.

This is where omnichannel retailing comes in. 90% of retail purchases are still made in-store. However, consumers are increasingly shopping through their mobile phones, and tapping into this opening can help you cover all bases in marketing. All in all, 95% of retail sales are the result of online, mobile and in-store interaction.

Here are the omnichannel retailing tips that Cognizant tells us that will level up your customer’s shopping experience.

#1 Mobile Alerts

Have you experienced walking pass a store and getting mobile alerts? Make the most out of this strategy in delivering the right message at the right time, to the right people. Sending out mobile alerts is a great way to capture the attention of your potential customers and make them more likely to buy. Don’t be shy about new product announcements, in-store deals, and personalised offers.

#2 Information Everywhere

More and more shoppers are using their mobile phones when searching for product info while they’re inside a store. Implement a system where customers can scan the product tag or type in the product number on a mobile app; this helps customers easily get information, sizes or variations, reviews and ratings while they’re inside the store. Remember that helping your customers decide on the right fit will ultimately influence their buying decisions.

#3 The Digital Associate

Staff can become your brand ambassadors when they are provided with an arsenal of knowledge right in their fingertips. Empower your store personnel with the digital tools they need that can help them become the personal marketers, service providers, and product experts of your store.

#4 Social Buzz

People get excited when you curate posts or tweets from your customers that feature how they use your products. The best images of your products and what people are talking about should be the focal point of the digital displays in your store.

#5 Virtual Fitting Rooms

For fashion or apparel retailers, the future is within virtual fitting rooms. A one-time 3D scan of products allows shoppers to virtually try on anything in store or at home. This moves any barriers to purchase, which includes trying on the extended assortment they find online. Retailers can also take advantage of the insights provided by these virtual fitting rooms, as it can help them in their business decisions and strategies.

#6 Interactive Fixtures and Displays

Research shows that shoppers are 60% to 70% more likely to buy something they touch or pick up in a store. Interactive store displays attract shoppers, as these projectors and sensors serve up rich media content. Shoppers can then gain access to product info and other content right at the point of purchase.

#7 After Hours Pick Up

Shoppers and retailers have embraced the concept of buy online and pick up in store. After hours pick up allows customers to receive a code after purchasing online, and pick up their item from a locker outside the store or a third party location. Customers get whatever they need, whenever they want to get it.

Retail will continue evolving, and there’ll be more innovations to come in the future. Take advantage of whatever technology is available to enhance your customer’s in-store experience. It’s all about merging the physical and digital shopping worlds into one omnichannel experience that will make a big difference for your ROI and customer interactions.

Learn more about omnichannel experience for your customers by hearing it from thought leaders at the Digitisation: In-Store and Online at New Retail ‘19 this coming Feb 25, 2019 at MCEC Melbourne. Grab this opportunity to learn everything you need to succeed in retail by booking your seats now.


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