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SAP Integrations in the World’s Leading Brands

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SAP is a multinational tech company that specialises in enterprise software. Leading brands all over the world have been integrating their innovative technology, helping them make improve strategies and streamline operations. We take on three international brands that have incorporated ingenious solutions in their businesses through SAP in the following #RetailRetale

SAP and Burra Foods Australia

Burra Foods has been integrating SAP Success Factors to put their operations to the next level. It provided the right business solutions they need as they are undergoing significant growth in the present. The tech integrations have been most importantly helpful in records keeping and lessening paper-based forms. The seamless implementation has indeed been the main contributor to the company’s overall productivity.

Staff members have also taken up online solutions. Besides the reduction of paper-based forms, workers can also use a mobile platform they can access anywhere.

Brad Cowling, General Manager for People and Culture at Burra Foods Australia, says that as a dairy company they needed to partner with tech specialists to provide solutions that can upgrade their systems. SAP Success Factors made it easier for them to make better data-driven decisions. Moreover, it has helped their workforce to become more engaged and productive.


Costco and Modularisation Project with SAP

SAP has provided business solutions to Costco with its modularisation project. What made this a winner in business is that it brought about a simpler model that reduces waste in operations. They can plug data in and help with the decision making process. Their strategy, inventory, operations and management improved significantly, Cutting long hours and waste created streamlined efficiency.


Adidas and its Long Partnership with SAP


Adidas has a long-standing partnership with SAP for 21 years. Michael Voegele, Chief Information Officer of Adidas, says that digital technology is an enabler that helps them achieve their business goals.

SAP tech integrations have helped them build direct relationships with consumers over the years. It has helped them bridge a two-way conversation with their customers and thrive in collaboration. One key example of this is when they were able to refine accuracy for their inventory and operations.If a customer wants to buy an item from their website, they will be lead to the right store to pick it up.

SAP Card has created full transparency on every level of their product. They were also able to fulfil customer expectations and improve the shopping experience.

Along the way, they also invested in training and retail learning to push the company forward.  There was a significant transformation in their integration of tech in business, as data-based insights now fuel them. Besides operations and customer-centricity, they were able to transform workplace culture as well.



Small and large businesses can evolve with the changing retail landscape through smart decisions in integrating analytics, tech and retail learning. Learn how SAP technologies can transform your business here.  


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