Jonathan Möller

Jonathan Möller Founder, foryouandyourcustomers

Speaker Details
Founder of foryouandyourcustomers, which has gone on to grow successful businesses in digital areas including digital supply chain, e-commerce, experience management, customer relationship management and smart products. foryouandyourcustomers is an international group of 14 offices, so-called cells, covering Europe and Australia. Our proven methodology creates contemporary organisations to better connect with their employees and customers and to be successful in an increasingly digitalised world.
Since starting a price comparison service together with my brother at aged 16, I’ve been striving to utilise entrepreneurial ways that build great collaboration and meaningful organisations. Since then I founded eight companies – most of them in online retailing or supporting retailers to go digital. I wrote a book, created several tools and developed the “Exploded View” model (http://fyayc.com/exploded), which is used in many companies globally to create orientation in digital change and is taught as a best practice at various universities.
Most of my time is now spent on turning smart ideas into reality and building contemporary businesses that make a difference in the world. Besides that, I love art. Having great art at work is improving quality in many ways.

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