Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith Head of Marketing ANZ, ThankyouAUS

Speaker Details

Poised and polished, Rebecca Smith knows more than a thing or two about what makes a marketing campaign soar.  While still at uni she won a national entrepreneurial competition for her own social enterprise.  She went on to work for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands and travelled the world to meet some of the best minds in her industry.  This is why Rebecca brings a global view to her approach to marketing and product development.

She’s one of those rare people who make a living predicting what other people will love in the future:  she has her finger on the pulse and a head full of incredible consumer insights.  She’s passionate about what she does because making an impact matters to her. It’s why she loves working for a social enterprise like Thankyou, and her passion for it is never more evident than when she’s on stage.


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