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Dustin Jones

Dustin Jones Managing Director, Fung Retailing Group

Dustin just began a new chapter in his Executive career partnering with Fung Retail to develop a new innovative business model to embrace the Asian Based Consumer, Globalization and Technology changing the worlds retail and brand landscape.  Prior to this new beginning, Dustin worked for Macy’s, Inc for over 14 years.

Dustin’s career in Fashion started at age 17 with a scholarship from a major US apparel manufacturer, Tropical Sportswear International, now Perry Ellis International.   From that experience Dustin spent several years in Europe and returned to the US to start his first business focusing on the new era of ecommerce. Besides running his own Men’s Retail store, Dustin opened his first two online businesses in 2003.  In 2005 he sold his companies and joined Macy’s, Inc. While at Macy’s, Dustin gained meaningful experience across most of Macy’s major business functions, from Sourcing and Product Development, to Stores, Merchandising & Buying, Ecommerce, and Operations.  

Dustin’s leadership impact at Macy’s has been felt in various capacities.  He is widely known as an early adopter to digital and omnichannel retail. He was an instrumental leader in growing Macys.com to its current size of +$6.0B US Dollars and the 4th largest retail website in the USA.

Dustin’s other senior leadership roles in Macy’s include the GMM of RTW, SVP of Licensed business, New Business Development, Global Forecasting, and Vendor Collaboration.  Dustin also oversaw the development of the activewear & wellness market across Macy’s Inc. throughout his tenure as a senior leader. Macy’s has taken substantial market share in these categories since that time growing over $700M. Through these roles Dustin has developed a reputation for understanding consumer trends, building, growing, and profitably leading great brands, and finding sustainable partnerships and business models to drive success.

In 2016 Dustin became the Managing Director of Macy’s China.  Dustin and his team successfully launched the Macy’s brand in China.  They grew the brand awareness from 12% to 36% through a strong partnership with The Alibaba Group and through building highly innovative supply chain and technology solutions that allows Macy’s to sell over 50,000 different product types across 400 different brands in the China market.

Dustin is joined in Hong Kong with his wife, Nikki Jones, and their two Children, Alissa Jones (16) and Shiloh Jones (10).