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Three challenges for high engagement

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To enlist employee input and activate their support, we need to ensure our leadership style hits the mark. By proactively and consistently connecting with employees, leaders can ensure their conversations have the right impact that lifts employee engagement.

Engaged teams achieve greater productivity and better results. Leaders with engaged teams also have more time to focus on their own goals and outcomes as their team is empowered and productive.

Achieving the right level of impact that leads to high engagement requires leaders to practice Powerful Communication. This means overcoming three challenges:

Challenge 1: The workforce has changed.

Employees are increasingly hardwired to contribute and want to be listened to. They want to be involved and be part of the solution.

Implications for leaders: be open and listen. Ask for input. Stop trying to solve all the teams problems yourself.

Challenge 2: We cant just tell employees what to do.

When we have conversations with employees their brain opens up, creates a bonding response and connection. When we try to tell employees what to do their brain reacts with a stress response. They close down.

Implications for leaders: build employee connections that enable conversations, seek more insights. Less telling.

Challenge 3: Understanding and involving employees.

Leadership that involves employees has been proven as a major contributor of successful transformation and change.

Implications for leaders: have regular and meaningful conversations. Discuss the right content. Use less authority.

Use the Powerful Communication approach


Where leaders or organisations have used this approach they see significant improvements in operations, employee relations and profitability.

Taking the leap to a more open style of communication takes courage. But it is an investment that yields significant insights and better outcomes.

The Powerful Communication approach provides leaders with a step by step guide that helps them to easily increase connection, focus on the right content and ensure regular conversations that count.

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