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Tiny Changes. Big Impact.

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tiny changes

Last week I was in Melbourne, speaking at and attending the Transforming Contact Centre conference. It was a really interesting event on many levels, and I enjoyed sharing some strategies and tools for enhancing the resilience and wellbeing of call centres which have one of the highest workforce turnovers of any industry with a full-time agent turnover of 19%!

As a result, employee wellbeing is becoming a strategic priority for many companies. We’re certainly seeing some very interesting case studies and stories as we prepare for our annual Wellbeing@Work Sydney Conference next month in Sydney.

One of my underlying points was that one big area of opportunity for call-centres is to upgrade the food their employees have access to.  In my work, I see many  companies who do prioritise wellbeing for their staff, and get 5*s when it comes to recognition, reward, diversity & inclusion and access to wellbeing services such as mindfulness training and gym memberships, but only 1* when it comes to the food and drink that their employees have  access to.

By upgrading food & drink access, businesses can get a quick win on their wellbeing@workscore as we all have to eat, and what we chose to eat and drink will impact our performance and productivity by +25% according to research. This is a significant cost saving to the business with low effort.

The big question though is how do you do that as food is a very personal thing and finding sustainable solutions can be hard.

That’s why we love this micro market concept that makes eating well at work 24/7 easy, accessible and affordable. They make the effort to analyse all of the meals, snacks and drink products in a category and grade them based on nutritional quality and then customise the range based on the specific profile of the employees.  It’s a fantastic concept and particularly suited to environments  where good quality food is not easily accessible.

There’s so much in the world of work you can’t control. You can’t control how customers behave, they are becoming increasingly demanding, you can’t control the level spend you have access to,  costs will always be under pressure. But you can control what you put in your body and also what you chose to make available to your employees. So chose to make small upgrades as tiny changes will have an enormous impact over time.

tiny changes


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