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The Retail Learning Channel is Australia’s first learning only platform. No news, no sales – just learning, knowledge and stories from retail greats. Our goal is to grow the retail community to help you harness the opportunity of a new era of retail.  

This is the only place you can get everything you need to know about the retail industry without trawling through Google. Come straight to us and we’ll tell you what’s hot, what’s not and how to stay on top of a dynamic industry. 

Join us for: 

✔ The chance to be part of a unique online community 

✔ Industry updates from around the world 

✔ Exclusive interviews with retail greats 

✔ Unique content on what’s changing the Australian retail scene 

✔ Opportunity to connect with key retail leaders 

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About Akolade

Born from the passion to transcend sector boundaries and deliver ground-breaking disruption, Akolade strives to revolutionise the business success of our partners and customers.

We don’t believe ‘because it’s always been that way’ is any reason to resist innovation and deny the opportunities collaboration has to offer. We thrive on the vibrancy and the unique energies of leading individuals, organizations and sectors as a whole.

We prioritize trust with all our stakeholders, the highest quality of content, integrity in supporting ethical behavior and, above all, fulfilling our role as the platform to enable our customers to reach their business goals.

We are Akolade.Co

  • “Akolade always leaves me wanting to push further, to investigate, generate and grow in my current position, it’s great to see and hear what others have on offer and what others can and DO offer to their customers”
    Christen McKillop, Online Operations Manager, API
  • “The event is a great opportunity to see how retail is changing and what is coming our way, especially through the increased contribution from overseas participants. For any retail business that is serious about customer experience, this is not to be missed!"
    Steve Davies, Head of Digital, Endeavour Drinks Group
  • “Would recommend the summit as a way to understand the ever changing landscape across all industries. A great way to learn and network with leaders.”
    Vlad Yacubson, Head of Retail, yd

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