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Australia Post announces Woolies executive Paul Graham as new CEO

  • Zoe Sabanal
  • access_timeApr 15, 2021
  • remove_red_eye763 Views

Ollee: Australia’s first local and ethical B2B marketplace launches

  • Zoe Sabanal
  • access_timeApr 12, 2021
  • remove_red_eye550 Views

Woolworths pledges $100,000 donation to flood-hit areas in Australia

  • Retail Learning Channel
  • access_timeApr 5, 2021
  • remove_red_eye455 Views

Vicinity Centres rolls out first Modern Slavery Statement

  • Retail Learning Channel
  • access_timeApr 5, 2021
  • remove_red_eye423 Views

Life is a collection of experiences and the most impactful ones are those we remember. So, are you creating experiences that are truly capturing your customers attention? Are you aligning your channels to create your advantage?

Phygital gives you new perspectives to push boundaries. You’ll create ways to break (or build the four walls and create a lifelong, happy marriage between your instore and online experiences.

  • 1.Want to know what your customers are needing?
  • 2.Need to better understand and manage changes in shopping behaviours?
  • 3.And what about your teams? Are you designing an onboarding system that aligns your values and encourages better brand communication?

Retailers need fresh ideas, new perspectives and the means to break boundaries.

The world is changing and so are your customers. They want same-day delivery, they want you to care about the environment and they want you to be transparent about what you are offering. So, the question now becomes how do you meet these needs?

As a retailer you need to up your game to maintain a competitive edge. You’ll discover how to better understand and predict your customers behaviour to satisfy your future shopper.

  • 1.What to know how to better predict customer behaviours?
  • 2.Need to improve your supply chains sustainability and reduce waste?
  • 3.How are you empowering your people to grow with the rapid advancements in technology and big data? Have you started training them and preparing them for the future of fulfilment?

The world of tomorrow starts with you today, what world will you leave behind?

From Vision to Reality

  • Celebrate your niche in an omnichannel world
  • Communicate your brand through your teams and third parties
  • Change store formats and make them better!
  • Calculate ROI for customer experience initiatives
  • Combine online and physical spaces
  • Align inventory with omnichannel demands

From Strength to Strength

  • Reduce waste and incorporate recycled packaging to improve sustainability
  • Implement warehouse automation to satisfy unrealistic last mile demands 
  • Empower your people and upskilling them for the future supply chain
  • Use Big Data to improve demand planning and forecasting accuracy
  • Drive customer loyalty through fast and efficient reverse logistics
  • Learn how customers are disrupting the retail supply chain

New Retail Advisory Board

Brands Represented