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Jeanne Ogilvie author

Jeanne is an internationally-experienced hybrid strategist. Former Brand strategist, Jeanne has developed the skills and passion for Customer Experience strategy. Prior to moving to Australia from France, Jeanne worked on major European brands such as BNPP Paribas, Orange, Unibail, L’Oréal and SNCF. From this experience, Jeanne has developed a strong understanding of people’s behaviours and expectations in physical, highly stimulating environments such as retail stores, shopping centres and train stations. Since joining Frost*collective Jeanne has worked on major brand strategy projects for Lifestyle Channel, University of Wollongong, Canterbury-Bankstown, University of Wollongong, GrowthBuilt, McGrath and the Australian National Maritime Museum. Jeanne has also delivered Customer Experience Strategies for clients such as Rawson Homes, Nubo Play centres, Australian Museum and Jamaica Blue. From liaising with market research partners, performing market research herself through customer intercepts, working closely with various company stakeholders and collaborating daily with our creative teams, Jeanne has delivered Customer Experience Strategies aligned with customer needs and business objectives, while being fully aligned with the brand, what it stands for and its values.