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Jemma Caprioli author

Jemma is the Chief Customer Officer at Dashing Group. A Retail Marketing partner to many of Australia's most iconic brands. Jemma has over 10 years of experience in communications, and more specifically retail strategy, applied research and customer experience. Now working with a multitude of retailers across several categories means Jemma is fortunate to have a broad spectrum of insight. Working collaboratively with retailers on execution strategy, to produce customer-led retail experiences. Drawing on global retail insights and research Jemma has spoken at several events with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Inside Retail, Shop ANZ, and Clariden Global. Business Profile: Dashing is a market leader in the execution and simplification of retail campaigns, offering services in design, technology and production. With a team of over 150 Dashers' and thirty years of experience, we are passionate about delivering compelling campaigns that drive sales in your physical locations. Dashing is your collaborator and partner to design and deliver the ultimate retail experience for your customers, specialising in multi-outlet retail across Australia and New Zealand.