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How do you:

  • 1.Deliver profitable ROI while positioning your business at the forefront of innovation?
  • 2.Keep up with evolving business, consumer and technology trends?
  • 3.Manage a role that is becoming more multi-faceted than ever?
  • 4.Develop your finance teams to suit the ever-changing retail landscape?

By uniting the top finance leaders across the sector, Finance Leaders in Retail answers all of these questions.

Co-located with People Leaders in Retail, you will learn everything you need to drive your organisation through turbulent industry waters.

Learn how to effectively collaborate with business disciplines to decide overall strategy and ensure organic growth for your organisation.

Gain exposure to the most effective ways to innovate your investment strategies to ensure longevity and profit.

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Other challenges we solve:

How to transition from financial gatekeeper to strategic business partner

How to drive organisational growth using innovative investments

Methods to align capital allocations with organisational strategy

The expanding eCommerce space and how to grow with it

How to gain the competitive advantage by designing and implementing Big Data strategies

How to manage rapid innovation in technology and business trends

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