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Jack Gance

Jack Gance Chairman

My Chemist Warehouse

Jack started a business with his brother Sam in 1972. From one pharmacy, they bought a number of pharmacies and started a small chain. He then started importing sunglasses to sell in his stores, which eventually achieved a 9% market share. He started the brand Le Specs which captured a 38% market share in the first season and outsold all other brands. Another company that he started is Le Tan, which sits amongst the biggest selling sunscreen brands.

Another venture that Jack launched is Australis Fragrance that took off quickly and became a powerhouse lifestyle brand. Colors of Australis, a budget priced full colour cosmetic range, was the next market that the company evolved into.

Jack and his management team have a great deal of International Experience. The Australis Corporation worked with multiple distributors and licensees in counties such as Singapore USA, UK, New Zealand, Japan, and Pacific Islands. In the USA, they licensed Le Specs to the largest sunglasses distributor at the time. Riviera had a number of very successful years distributing the Le Specs range throughout major department stores. Australis Fragrance was sold widely through major DDS though out the USA.