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People Leaders in Retail

People Leaders in Retail

08 October - 09 October

“To achieve consistently terrific customer service, you must hire wonderful people who believe in your company’s goals, habitually do better than the norm and who will love their jobs. ”

~ Richard Branson 

The world of retail is changing – this is nothing new. Retail’s people leaders are in a challenging crossroads with an imperative to upskill their people to keep up with trends in customer experience, new technology and innovative ways of working. 

People Leaders in Retail, co-located with Finance Leaders in Retail brings these challenges to the forefront of discussion. The first event in Australia of its kind, people leaders from across the country will come together to cross-pollinate ideas and get the ‘aha’ moment to transform their people strategy and unleash the power of your employees. 

The two-day event features hands-on case studies, interactive challenge clinics and networking opportunities, our exclusive retail leaders’ masterclass and engaging panel discussions from top leaders. 

We’ll answer questions like: 

  • How do I train and retain my greatest talent? 
  • How can I upskill myself to be the best people leader I can? 
  • What are effective ways to engage employees and show this ROI? 
  • How do I inspire my people to be at the forefront of customer experience? 
  • How can I transform my people strategy without investing too heavily? 
  • How do I retain my culture and grow my omnichannel experience? 
9.00  Opening remarks from the Chair  Paul MorleyHead of HR and Training, Sushi Sushi 
Retail trends and the impact on people leaders 
9.10  Icebreaker Challenge Clinic  Our Icebreaker challenge clinic is a curated networking experience designed to help you make the most of your event experience over the next two days. With a room of high-level people leaders – we invite you to set your challenge and learn from this opportunity. 
9.30  International keynote: Retail Disrupters - Transforming the retail sector with diversity, innovation, and human phygitalization 
  • Leading the change towards a new era of retail: How to be leaders of the phygital revolution 
  • Balancing people with profits: How to migrate from human resources to people strategy 
  • Boosting your innovation and business results: How to increase the cultural and cognitive diversity of your teams 
Fernando Sanchez-AriasHR Director - Learning & DevelopmentThe Home Depot 
10.00   Solutions from the shop floor  leading CX starts with your people  
  • The BEST strategy: connecting employees to vision  
  • Building a unique culture: placing a local stamp on a global brand and delivering on employee experience 
  • Recruit, induct, retain: Finding, retaining talent and the importance of mobilising existing talent 
Stacy PaoaDirector of Stores and Client Experience, Sephora 
10.30  Panel: Your journey as a people leader – from manager to director in a competitive retail landscape  
  • Identifying opportunities for growth and development whilst managing a demanding day job 
  • Balancing soft skill development with technical expertise as the retail world evolves 
  • Collaborating across the sector – how can we encourage better mentorship opportunities in the retail environment? 
Kate ByrdyGroup Human Resources Manager, Bakers Delight  Emily Duran, Human Resources Director, Kaufland  Stacey Dowdell, Head of People and Culture, kikki.K 
11.10  Morning tea 
11.40  ‘The right people in the right place’ – Engaging and retaining talent in a New Retail era 
  • How to improve performance and productivity in an increasingly challenging retail environment 
  • Getting the right culture and strategy to drive talent management 
  • Focusing on: Retaining talent in the store manager role – keeping it simple 
Armando PedrucoHead of RetailAccent Group  
12.10  Delivering on diversity – reaping the benefits of innovation and inclusion 
  • Applying the business case of diversity to retail and how to truly be effective in your inclusion strategy 
  • Embracing diversity throughout your entire organisation – how to drive more heterogenous leadership teams 
  • Delving into the Woolies story – how we did it and the success so far 
Rachel Mead, Acting Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Woolworths Group 
12.40  Fireside chat: Compliance, technology and the future skills for retail  Our fireside chat with the Deputy CEO of the NRA delves into the top issues you need to be across as an employer and people leader in the retail space. This interview will cover a broad range of hot and topical challenges including the future of work, managing performance, investigating technology and compliance issues to avoid.    Lindsay Carroll, Deputy CEO and Legal Practice Director, National Retail Association  
Winning the retail war on talent – engagement, employment branding 
1.10  Lunch break 
2.10  Roundtable discussions  
  1. Ensuring that you have the right talent and onboarding 
Christian BonadioTalent Acquisition Manager | Support Centre & Transformation, David Jones 
  1. Engaging with your talent – solutions and benchmarking success 
Katherine Rickard, People and Culture Manager, PETstock 
  1. Utilising technology for employee outcomes 
  1. Delivering great results on a lean budget 
2.50  ‘We’re more than just donutsEngaging your people throughout the employee lifecycle  
  • Building a culture of engagement on a lean budget  
  • Cultivating hands-on engagement throughout each stage of the employee lifecycle  
  • Aligning your employees with your vision – why Krispy Kreme is more than donuts 
Nicola Steele, Retail Director, Krispy Kreme Australia  
3.20  Afternoon break 
3.50  Professionalising the retail sector – why have we got a talent shortage?  
  • Expert insight: unveiling the perception of retail to future talent and the role of people leaders to change this 
  • Do we need a retail degree to ensure the right people make it into retail? 
  • A cross-sector approach to fuel the future pipeline of talent 
Sean Sands, Associate Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Customer Experience & Insight (CXI) Research Group, Swinburne University of Technology 
4.20  Leading talent strategy: How effective employment branding drives candidate and employee lifecycles 
  • Applying a data-led approach to your workforce of the future 
  • Amplifying your talent strategy to find and attract top tier talent 
  • Implementing captivating employer brand strategies to drive employee engagement & retention 
Ashley StewartTeam Lead - Solutions A&NZLinkedIn 
5.00  Closing remarks from the chair  
8.50  Opening remarks from the Chair  Caroline Zammit, Head of People and Culture, Blue Illusion 
Culture, change and transformation in an omnichannel retail world 
9.00  Making culture king: Reinvigorating culture to energise the organisation 
  • Creating a journey of cultural change and how to develop a co-created culture 
  • Reinventing and measuring culture – hallmarks and assessing success 
  • Strategies for reconnecting with people with culture, values and purpose 
Lenore HarrisGroup Human Resources ManagerBeacon Lighting 
9.30  Empowering senior managers in a change-driven organisation  
  • Upskilling your senior and store managers – what skills they’ll need to manage a New Retail environment 
  • Covering key pain points with senior managers and bridging gaps with conflict resolution, resilience and core soft skills 
  • Tailoring your LMS to the needs of your senior managers 
Rebecca Oakley, General Manager – Human Resources, Officeworks 
10.00  Reflections from a people first leader – Engagement and effective leadership 
  • Positioning yourself as an effective leader – what does good look like for a retail people leader? 
  • Metrics of success – reflecting on achievement with retention and engagement 
  • Supporting your development – coaching, mentoring and growing your people leading capacity 
Maria Di DioPeople and Development ManagerKookai 
10.30  Morning break 
Digital transformation in people systems 
11.00  Transforming your people: Investing in systems for productivity and performance 
  • Building the business case for new technology and thinking outside the box to show value 
  • Investing in your legacy as a people leader – developing systems which will path the way to the future of the retail sector 
  • Enabling your people to perform – how technology can accelerate your employee effectiveness  
Christine DavallHead of Performance, People and Talent Group, 7-Eleven 
11.30  Discussion point: Executing effective change across your entire retail business 
  • Managing change across different business units – how to balance operations, head office and store change programmes 
  • Strategies and tools to overcome resistance to change 
  • Getting buy-in from your senior leadership team to manage change projects 
  James NatsisChange and Transformation Specialist, Chemist Warehouse  Avril GaughanChange & Communications Manager, Chemist Warehouse 
12.00  Panel: Technology, change and innovation whilst keeping the lights on 
  • Combating change fatigue throughout the change journey 
  • Prioritising technology investment to better manage your people – what technology will bring the best outcomes for your people? 
  • Balancing innovation without compromising on the needs of your employees 
  • Evaluating change worthy of investment – why it’s not always best to be a follower in the retail world 
Priscilla Santilli, People & Culture Partner, Catch D’Neale Prosser, National HR Manager – Talent, Leadership, Competence, IKEA  Sarah Van HeldenDivisional HR & Change Lead - RTR Change LeadSaputo   
12.40  Lunch break 
1.40  Expert insight: How to ameliorate EQ in yourself & your retail leaders 
  • Recognising when you need to upskill in your emotional intelligence quotient  
  • Understanding the importance of EQ in today’s retail environment 
  • Practical skills on cultivating emotional intelligence 
Olimpia Petzold-Rodriguez, PhD Candidate in PsychologyUniversité Libre de Bruxelles 
2.00  Quickfire case studies: Technology in practice  
  • Virtual reality: The new era of learning and engagement 
D’Neale Prosser, National HR Manager – Talent, Leadership, Competence, IKEA   
2.40  Do more with data: Improving recruitment and retention with HR analytics 
  • Delving into data – understanding the relevant metrics to improve your workforce 
  • How to use your data to minimise bias in recruitment 
  • Case study: Applying data analytics to minimise attrition 
Sambit DasSalvos Workday Project Test and Data LeadThe Salvation Army 
3.10   Afternoon break 
3.40  Mini MasterclassDeveloping authentic leadership and courageous communication  Bringing together delegates from People Leaders in Retail & Finance Leaders in Retail for a hands-on masterclass in how to be an authentic leader and influence real change in a dynamic retail environment.   
  • Overcoming barriers to authentic leadership 
  • Bringing ‘you’ to the table – what this means and how authenticity drives change 
  • Developing your skill in influential communication 
  • Influencing change across the entire C-suite 
Sarah Gale – Leadership Development Coach & Retail veteran  
4.40  End of conference 

Event Location

Intercontinental Melbourne