New Retail 19

What’s It All About?

New Retail ‘19 is Australasia’s largest summit delivering three high-impact days to ignite your retail strategy exploring digital retail, fulfilment and partnerships. Come to the retail hub of Australia – Melbourne this 25-27 February 2019 for an immersive experience of all things retail.

The world of retail is transforming. The role of the customer is more important than ever and it’s getting harder to stand out in the crowded market of brands.

The world of New Retail reflects disruptive technologies in an ever-evolving landscape – a world where both offline and online retail have merged. New Retail means you can no longer survive with a pure bricks-and-mortar or online storefront only and the focus is on delivering exceptional omnichannel customer experience.


  • How global trends are impacting Australia’s retail market
  • How to deliver on both digital and in-store experience
  • Innovating your supply chain and fulfilment strategy
  • Partnering and collaborating for expansion
  • Competing in the evolving world of retail


Who is it for?

Retailer, Hospitality, Tourism and Property

Heads, Managers of:

  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Omnichannel
  • Supply Chain
  • Fulfilment Transformation

Solution Providers

  • Retail associations and thought leaders
  • Automators and innovators
  • Fulfilment providers
  • Marketplace developers
  • Marketing and CX specialists
  • Supply chain experts


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