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Retail Learning

Retail Learning – What’s Out There

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Retailers across categories are moved to evolve in the market’s changing trends. Reinventing and innovating are crucial to thrive in this fast-paced evolution. Businesses need to be up to date with online competition, consumer demographics, and customer expectations.

In this era of highly evolving innovations, retailers of all sizes are to reinvent themselves in order to survive.

The key to make a retail business successful lies in its internal work culture – where the very foundation of retail are the employees who move operations.

Too many businesses today are based on driving prices lower by screwing over somebody: pounding suppliers or squeezing employees. We’re the opposite. We put employees first, radically… If you take care of them, they will take care of your customer better than anybody else. – Kip Tindell, CEO, Container Store

So how can retailers ensure that they don’t dwindle away from competition and customer expectations? Something ‘inside’ should change and be regularly updated in order to reach the goals of the business.

Work Culture in Retail

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, says that “Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.”

Business profits and customer service will immensely fail when there are internal obstacles such as staff dissatisfaction, lack of employee engagement, and high turnover rates. Besides hiring the right people, retailers need to maintain store operations and develop proper training in an industry where there’s a high employee turnover. Turnover rates do affect the finances of the company. Employers would always have to set aside resources for training new people every now and then.

Enter Retail Learning

Here’s where Retail Learning comes in. The Learning Management System (LMS) of a company should be engaging and accessible to workers in all levels. 76% of retailers also believe that loyal and skilled employees empowered by tech earning are key to business survival. Educating and empowering in-store employees to use tech will help them deliver commendable customer service. They can also develop into the retailer’s foremost brand ambassadors. Furthermore, allowing employees to create opportunities to personalise their experiential learning process helps them grow with the brand.

Traditional methods of employee training such as workshops and textbooks are outdated. Retailers are to engage employees around learning to equip them with the technical skills to adapt quickly in the ever-changing industry.

We also encourage you to take part in the New Retail ‘19 event happening this February 2019. This program of in-depth learning and investigation into the future of retail will help you take part on the revolution in the industry. Book your seats now through this link.

Retail Learning Innovations

Highly creative and advanced learning modalities such as Gamification and Mobile Learning create an enjoyable pace in the workplace. According to an Aberdeen Group research, organisations who deploy gamification improved engagement by 48% and turnover by 36%. It also yields 14% higher scores in skill-based assessments and 9% increase in retention rates. Creating a highly engaging atmosphere around retail learning in the workforce helps retailers quickly adapt to seasonal trends, consumer shopping habits, and world events.

Developing highly creative employees also makes customers happier.

Accessible Retail Learning Resources

So for retailers out there, make your learning resources easily accessible by your employees. Managers should also enhance opportunities for skills development by allowing self-directed and continuous employee learning. Let them access the content they need to enable them to properly execute operations and perform fantastic customer service. Continually develop your learning experience platform with your team so that everyone can easily create and curate content they need to perform better at work.

It isn’t about linear approaches to building a business anymore, but rather creating innovative changes from within the company. If you’re looking for tools to incorporate highly effective retail learning approaches in your business, check out Growth Engineering and D2L.


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