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Retail Learning Channel Team – 2018 Snapshots

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2018 has been a whirlwind for us here at RLC. We launched the channel 2 months ago, and a lot has happened ever since.  

Big projects have been hustled up by the team at such a short timeframe – and one of them is the biggest retail gathering in Australia this coming February.  

The channel has also grown at an exponential rate with more than 2000 subscribers and 25,000 views. We have partnered with thought leaders, large and small retailers, and the people behind the scenes of successful brands.  

We couldn’t have done it without you. From all of us here at RLC, we wish you happy holidays and an amazing new year! 

Here are the thought snapshots from the team behind the Retail Learning Channel.  


Vanessa Carvalho, Channel Manager

It really makes me proud to see one spin-off of Akolade’s supply chain portfolio evolve to a business unit. Being part of the team that is leading the change in the company by launching the first learning channel and on boarding new talents, it is definitely my biggest challenge since I came to Australia and a truly rewarding one. I’m looking forward to make ANZ retail industry a mark on my career path the same way that I could contribute to the education sector in my home country.”

Sam Lanuza-Adea, Digital Marketing Manager

Retail is an industry that will always fall under your needs versus wants. It is fascinating how it transformed over the years – from trade to cashier less groceries. I can imagine the evolution that can take our experiences to the next level in the coming years. Working with the RLC team opened my eyes to diversity. When we started, we never thought we could surpass initial goals. I was kind of shy when talking about it, 400 LinkedIn connections later, I tell you, if you are in retail, you should see your mentions here.”

Abigail Albino, Content Producer

My work here in RLC and promoting the New Retail ’19 event is one of the most challenging, and also transformative, experiences for me. We have a great team, and I’m truly blessed to have met these people. There are the usual ups and downs, but what made me realise is how important it is to keep pushing through until we get to the finish line. 

Wilver Alquino, Graphic Designer

“Working with the team is a learning experience right from the start, and I am blessed with the opportunity to be part of something really big. I’m excited to see the outcome, as well as the future. Will continue to do my best to support the team, and bring the vision to life. 


Chris Samios, Retail Partnership Advisor

“New to the team but hopefully bring some experience to the table. Big realisations is how important this event is to the Retail industry next year. I’ve learnt a great deal about the way I approach positioning this event to our very important Vendors, comparable to other events I’ve worked on in the past.

Divyan Menon, Partnerships Manager

Retail and the Australian market landscape are new to me. Learned a great deal from everyone in the team and company. It has been a great experience researching and learning the different types of solutions for retailers and how much technology has progressed in this space. Keen on bringing in some big names as partners moving forward. 

Leonard Smithson, Retail Partnerships Manager

I’ve worked for some of the most influential organisations in Australia and New Zealand. A great opportunity and an even greater challenge was presented to me only a few short months ago in the form of the RLC and New Retail19’. At the time my only focus was the amount of pure potential in a platform that I believed would redefine the retail industry in Australia. To date, as a team effort we’ve managed to secure some major partnerships with businesses who see the value in what we’re building for the industry and why. There is no such thing as an overnight success, only hard work and dedication – something I’m confident in saying our people have in bucket loads. Bring on 2019.”


Stefan Semken, Retail Knowledge Facilitator|Delegate Sales

“Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the greatest leaders of retail and this year I have discovered the challenges that lie ahead for the APAC retail industry. We have moved from being standalone bricks and mortar to a mix of store front and complexed online shopping.

In my day to day life I have witness the change in payment methods that retailers have changed to from cash to paywave to the now mighty and powerful force from China’s Allibaba – Alipay (still can’t believe I need an Alipay account to buy my morning coffee). With New Retail ‘19 rising in the horizon I feel that I can bring my youthful but long-lasting industry experience to the forefront of our delegates.

By the way – Amazon is presenting….

Danielle Colbourn, Delegate Relationship Manager

Most of my working life up until starting in events, consisted of working for some massive retail brands including Woolworths, Clinique and Sheike Clothing.

Since I started working on New Retail ’19, it has really opened my eyes to how big the retail space is. And that retail is a forever evolving industry that has completely changed the way we shop. Especially in the last few years with the addition of payment options like Afterpay and Zip Pay.

Mar Francis Ogad, Project Manager

“What a great opportunity to be part of Retal Learning Channel, I am grateful to have leaders that provide you all the things that you need to develop, to be more productive and work hard.

Best part is I get to connect with leaders from different companies – talk with them, absorb new things about retail, understand some of their business concerns and process, and how they have grown. I was inspired! Maybe 5 to 6 years from now I will be able to build my own retail business here in PH.”

Jhunno Flores, Project Manager

“State of the art organization, it’s an honor to be part of the team to represent RLC.  This concept of New Retail ‘19 event provides Huge Platform on how you can leverage from other Retail Leaders in Australia/New Zealand/Canada/USA to share knowledge, experiences, network/benchmark, inspire, keep up to date the latest trends and provide solutions on how they can boost their revenue and sales or get ROI.

I’m suggesting to launch this event in ASIA PACIFIC, like Singapore, Hongkong…”


Jim Punzalan, Team Leader DA

I am just happy to be part of RLC team, to have the opportunity to share information about the new Retail while I also learn more about it in the process. 


Novim Bunao, Retail Learning Facilitator

This is by far the biggest and longest project I have worked on and it opens my mind to understand more about retail. Along the way I have met amazing people who are always there to help and support the team. Thank you for the opportunity!

Cristina Dianne Geronimo, Retail Learning Facilitator

It’s a great opportunity for me being part of the RLC team, I’ve been doin‘  DA task for four years now and being part of this new group is like opening new doors of achievement and success for me and to the people that I’m talking to.


Sara Ellis-Jack, Portfolio Head – Retail and Supply Chain

I have become a total retail convert! In the short amount of time I’ve spend in the sector, I’ve fallen in love with its passion, enthusiasm and rapidly changing environment. It’s exciting to be part of such a fast-paced industry and realise the opportunity that we’ve got to help upskill the industry. My interview with Jonathan Elms was eye-opening about the lack of a retail degree and overall combined learning to help the industry grow and collaborate. I’m grateful for the opportunity to support its development with learning and fresh inspiration.


Catherine Shelley, Retail Learning Producer

As the Producer of New Retail, I’ve learnt just how many facets there are behind the glitz and glam of the industry. Understanding the hard work that goes into the processes as well as the exciting transformation that’s about to come has given me a drive to understand more about this fascinating industry.”

Roey Balbus, Retail Relations

Regardless of what we will achieve by the end of Feb 19, I’m honored to be a part of team of rebels, doers and changemakers that are committed to lead the change we want to see. We are overcoming massive challenges in a very short timeframe, supporting one another and formulating great friendships. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


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