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eCommerce fulfilment – Tips so easy you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of them before!

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Have you ever experienced issues when fulfilling your eCommerce orders? Logistics can be pretty tough especially when you have to manage products, inventory, orders, and packaging. You’ve got to find ways to stay on top of your game so that your business keeps on thriving.

Don’t sweat the small (or big) stuff because the following will help you manage eCommerce fulfilment with much more ease.


#1 Establish a Routine

You have to constantly reduce costs and clear out time wasters in operations. Setting up a daily routine will help you become more efficient when it comes to time, money and other resources. Keep on refining your overall productivity for maximum ROI.


#2 Maintain Good Relations with Your Suppliers

You can learn more about the fulfilment process by keeping open communications with your suppliers. Your fulfilment suppliers have been there and done that, which is why they’re a great source of knowledge.You’ll get a better overview of your fulfilment operations from them which will save time, money and effort.


#3 Storage Solutions

You can reduce costs and eliminate expenses when you get creative with storage. Use whatever space you have at home, or ask a friend to share their space. When your business gets bigger, get cost-effective storage solutions such as a waterproof vehicle or a DIY barn shed. Yes, any idea can be good as long as your inventory is well protected and that it saves money.


#4 Scout for Good Carriers

Speed and reliability of delivery matters to all customers. Keep tabs on logistic companies until you find the right fit for your business. There should be a balance between their price and the time it takes for them to deliver.


#5 Attention to Detail

Tiny details will matter in the long run – such as packing items securely and continually updating customers on their order shipments. Your customers will also appreciate it if their orders are packed with love.

If you sell in multiple marketplaces, use a multi-channel inventory management tool to keep everything centralised. Remember that customers are more likely to buy more from you if you keep your inventory well stocked and updated.


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