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How to upsell the subtle way

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Most retailers often wonder how to upsell products properly. It’s a pretty common strategy to boost sales by suggesting the purchase of an additional product or service that would make the original purchase or service more expensiveHowever, it’s disreputable if done only to get more money from your customers.  It should help both end of the parties by making sure everyone benefits from it.  

It’s important to know the difference between an upsell and a cross-sell. A cross-sell is suggesting a purchase of a different product or service to the original purchase. The best way to differentiate the two would be rather than an additional insurance to a smartphone purchase while a cross-sell is suggesting a purchase of laptop on top of the phone.  

Although both strategies have its benefits, we will be focusing more on how to upsell. According to this study, upselling is 20 t

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imes more effective than cross-selling. This is mainly because a smaller purchase is easier to prompt by making the original purchase even better rather than suggesting a purchase of an equally or a more expensive product in addition to the original. 

There are several ways on how to upsell but we’re going to show you ways on how to do it subtly without sacrificing the relationship you’ve built with your customer. These methods will make sure that it will benefit both parties. 

8 tips for a subtle upsell 

Understand your products and its values 

The first step of on how to subtly upsell is not to upsell at all. To do this, you need to understand all the value of the products and services your selling. By doing this, you can easily suggest an upsell since you know what goes best with the goods you are selling. Remember that you are giving your customers a favour by offering them the best value they can get with their purchase. 

Get comfortable with upselling  

The best give away for a customer to notice that your upselling if you are not comfortable with it. You need to accept that it’s part of your daily interaction with your customer. Some retailers think that upselling will annoy the customers but if you truly believe that what you’re selling is valuable, then there’s no reason for you to be shy about suggesting that value in the form of upsell. 

Know your customers 

The secret strategy on how to upsell is to understand your customer. You can do this by asking questions about what kind of products they need and their purpose of purchase. If you’re able to understand your customer, you’ll be able to subtly upsell anything that will match their initial purchase. 

Learn about their motivations for a purchase 

There are different reasons why a customer is motivated to buy a product. Whether it’s something that they actually need and want or maybe some external factors that’s driving them to make the purchase. You need to understand where this is coming from so you can easily detect whether an upsell is beneficial to the customer.  

Use influence 

Ever walked in a restaurant and just ordered their best-seller since you have no idea what to have? Some of your customers would be indecisive and the most subtle way to upsell is by suggesting them the top sellers. They would most likely to take the bait because of the fact that it is popular and in-demand. 

Give them options 

Make sure you give your customers different options to choose from. Forcing them just one upsell seems a bit like a hard sell and they would probably figure out your doing an upsell. The idea behind giving them options is that your giving them the power to choose what they want but in reality your just maneuvering them to buy more products. 

Persuade them 

The last and most obvious thing to do is to persuade your customer.  Yes, this doesn’t sound right since our main goal is a subtle upsell. But persuading isn’t right only if you just directly drop the offer without carefully analysing the subject. If you followed the tips before this properly, persuasion would be so normal that you wouldn’t even notice you are doing it yourself.  

Remember, the reason why the subtle upsell is best because it doesn’t even feel like your upselling at all! 


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